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Our pet project for the last five years has been to develop a timeline of when various Red Wing pieces started and stopped production. We have an internal company document that talks about Buds and three other patterns that were going to be released When I get asked questions on the Red Wing Collectors Society website, I use the original company documents as my sources, not the reference books.

How did you get into collecting Red Wing?

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A complete Red Wing dinnerware reference is desperately needed. The Gypsy Trail line also had Art Deco -looking pitchers, teapotsand casseroles. For example Ebb Tide, a pattern introduced inhad only 16 different pieces. Well, one of my first document purchases included a price list fromand it shows that Harvest was already discontinued by then.

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We have just about one of each in all the various patterns. Red Wing produced some Buds dinnerware to display to potential buyers at a trade show—the pattern got terrible reviews.

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As our interest in Red Wing grew, my wife, Kathy, and I started going to auctions, flea markets, antiques shops, and shows looking for Red Wing pottery. No Ebb Tide salt-and-pepper shakers, teapots, or pitchers were made. In this interview, Roschen explains why Red Wing transitioned from stoneware to dinnerware, and one-upped Fiesta in the process, launching the first line of bright, solid-colored dinner sets.

InMurphy helped Red Wing release a line called Provincial with four new hand-painted patterns named after the four provinces of France—Orleans, Brittany, Ardennes, and Normandy.

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Test and sample pieces are a second category of dinnerware. Those three pieces are my primary collecting interest, so I have very little Ebb Tide in my collection.

Red Wing Stoneware

Even with all these documents there are still gaps in our knowledge. We joined the Red Wing Collectors Society in and have been members ever since. The artwork was in shades of green, yellow, and brown and looked like a profusion of ferns.

It was published in You might find a dinner plate signed by everybody who worked there. Today, the demand for Red Wing dinnerware is holding its own.

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The designer of this Blue Rooster teapot is uncertain, but it may have been Belle Kogan. You might be the light-green girl or the dark-blue girl.

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The company would make a rubber stamp from the original artwork and stamp the outline on the piece.