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Shows are moderately entertaining and service is good by Russian standards.

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Nevsky Melody Memories hot young girls matchmaking in reston night clubs my first visit: If you are planning on club hopping, it's a good club to hit in tandem with Plaza. Housed in same building as M bowling center. Oksana's favorite club in St. I'm just adding it here as an excuse to have to go someday. Beautiful crowd that will not be impressed by you unless you look, dress and spend the part.

Small without many thrills, it might be the spot for you if don't like the typical tourist spots and enjoy the alternative scene. I wanted to return, but always remember how far away it is when its name gets brought up.

Alexander Nevskovo Travel to Russia got you feeling energized and youthful again? Moskovsky Vorata Another club off the tourist circuit. Soaked Real Strip Club Stories: Convenient location just behind Alexandrovsky Theater just off of Fontanka Canal, good music if you aren't in to Euro, trance, house or famous international DJ's, good atmosphere, pleasant unprencious crowd with lots of attractive girls.

Crowd is a few years older than many of the clubs, but still draws a very attractive group.

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Sadly, I've never been. She might tell you it's because of the cool chill out room with the swinging baskets, the trendy but not obnoxious crowd, or the funky dance floor with the shower and fog machines, but I suspect it has more to do with the muscular barmen in tight t-shirts or occasionally without.

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One of the originals in St. Petersburg, Oksana and I frequented this club because mostly because of the music despite it's seedy side. Darling Nikki From the everyday girls you see at the supermarket, shopping mall and bars to the insanely outrageous patrons.

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This despite the fact the management seems to encourage foreigners by offering free entrance with a foreign passport. Petersburg, might be a great place to get away from the Center.

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Gostiny Dvor Very popular with the late teenage crowd. Can sometimes be difficult to get service at the bar. We must not be the only ones to have given up on this club as the crowds have gotten worse and worse nto to mention uglier, older, and drunker. Venture into an intoxicating world never before allowed on camera.

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Every time I've ever been there, I've walked in thinking "wow, look at this place, this is cool," and then find myself leaving after an hour. Real Strip Club Stories: Hotter, Wetter, Wilder Amateur Night: You think there wild on stage!

If you thought the strippers were naughty on the stage, wait till you see what they did when they got off of it. Supposedly has stopped its Face Control which will avoid guests from embarrasingly being turned away.

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Music is Euro - House like all the beautiful people clubs. Bada Boom Seems to have closed Cardinal Large club that has taken all of Bada Boom's old business and added some of it's own. One night she was wearing this school girl outfit. It's about a 30 minute ride from the center. Downstairs is a nightclub with a revolving bar - the kind that always seems better when you draw up the plans for the bar than when it's actually installed.

Can you handle the heat? The front bar is surrounded by working girls, but the rest of the bar is a normal crowd. Even the seedy side of the club, if that appeals to you has gotten pretty bad.

In the other bar, it's New Years Eve every night of the year. The hookers have been in the same spot for so long, they have butt grooves working on their stools, but the faces remain the same regardless even if the waistlines have been in constant growth mode.

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Mention this club to Oksana and she will always bring up the girl who brought her little lap dog to the club. They feature two distinctly different themes. There was this girl Stella who did Am Night a couple of times…. Moloko Perkupnoi Pereulok 12 M. They also have an open air summer beach club in the suburb of Komorova on the Gulf Of Finland.