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Mir Muhammed the Kurdish Emir of Soran based in Rawanduz was able to establish a powerful emirate and depose his rivals controlling a region stretching from Mardin to Persian Azerbaijan. Massacres of Badr Khan In the 19th century, several competing Kurdish centers began emerging in the region.

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Most of the Hakkari were horrified at the idea, but the Atal'aia small extremist faction of the Hakkari, decided to do as Hakkar wished. Badr Khan allied with Nur Allah and attacked the Assyrians of Hakkari in the summer of massacring them and taking those who survived as slaves.

The Ottomans, seeking to consolidate their control of the region, engaged him in a costly war which led eventually to the dissolution of his Emirate.

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To stop the invincible Jin'do, adventurers will have to release the captive upon the captor. Following the devastation of the urban centres of Mesopotamia at the hands of Timura Turkic military leader operating under the guise of restoring the Mongol Empirehe was known as "the Sword of Islam.

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Word of Hakkar's presence reached the Zandalar tribe in the South Seas, who were even more horrified to discover the enslavement of their kindred, the Zandalari high priests. Members This section is a lore stub. In great bitterness and despair, the surviving Hakkari tracked the Atal'ai to the Swamp of Sorrows and pledged to help the Atal'ai summon Hakkar into Azeroth.

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History[ edit ] The mountainous Shemsdin district The region stretching from Tur Abdin to Hakkari formed the Nairi lands which served as the northern Assyrian frontier and border with their Urartian rivals. Those living in Hakkari, however, were unaffected by the disputes and around the Chaldean Archbishop Shimun IX Dinkha broke away from Rome and moved to Qudshanis in Hakkari where he reintroduced the Shimun line hereditary patriarchy which continued until Before the Atal'ai could complete the summoning, the other jungle trolls, including the Hakkari, rose up in open revolt against the cruel god.

The situation changed after the Kurdish war as the Ottomans now were able to extend their full control unopposed, and in the Sandjaq of Hakkari was created. Jammal'an the Prophet, leader of the Atal'ai, told his people that if they succeeded in bringing Hakkar physically into Azeroth, then Hakkar would grant the Atal'ai immortality. To this day, the temple's ruins are guarded by mighty green dragons.

What much of Azeroth does not know, however, is that the dragons are actually guarding the wrong location.

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Lord Itharius sends adventurers to put an end to the Atal'ai, the Hakkari, and destroy Hakkar's new avatar. Badr Khan was subsequently defeated and exiled to Crete in Driven from the jungles, the Atal'ai was hunted nearly to extinction. Pleased by the Hakkari's obvious suffering, the Atal'ai welcomed their former brethren into the temple.

Upon destroying the spiritual chains holding the Soulflayer in place, Hakkar turns upon Jin'do, and utterly destroys him, leaving only the corpse of Jin'do the Broken. Yet a small group of Atal'ai escaped into the Swamp of Sorrowswhere they secretly built a great temple to their god: The lead, which came from a government owned mine, was used to make bullets.