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They study extremophiles, organisms that live in extreme environments on Earth, in the hopes that they will lead us to a better understanding of how life may exist in space. Entertaining and informative, this hard cover book is lavishly illustrated. Houghton Mifflin, 64 pages, Are you looking for an introduction of basic astronomy to share with your children?

After discussion UFOs and common public misconceptions about aliens visiting Earth, Skurzynski goes to where the real science is happening. They explore the possibility of alien a life, and the consequences of receiving a signal from the cosmos.

It's a classic, and is great for travel reading.

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Adams Media Corporation, pages, For all of us who enjoy Seth Shostak's clear thinking and clever prose, two books bring his unique explanation of SETI to your living room. This column is simply a very specialized book list. Her ability to clearly explain science is evident in "The Everything Astronomy Book. How can we discover it? Why might scientists think sentient life might exist on other worlds?

There is a thorough discussion of new types of telescopes that can survey the entire sky at once. She's seeking to explain the surface features and evolution of this icy moon. We're on the brink of a renaissance in SETI and radio astronomy.

When children consider careers in science and technology, the pathway to such careers is not always clear.

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I'm sure that this reflects my own childhood love of reading. It's exciting science and is an interesting story to share with children and adults. Where are the extraterrestrials likely to be hanging out? I remember especially a book about Egyptian archeology and another about Fremont's exploration of the West.

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It's an opportunity to expand my personal library or find a gift for someone special. I read this SETI classic in my first college physics course at a small liberal arts college where all students took physics, chemistry and biology: We search for evidence that we are not alone in the universe. Elementary and middle school kids will enjoy two award-winning books.

Look for it online or at your local college bookstore. What is their interest in us, and how can we find them? This book is packed with useful diagrams, photos, tips for backyard stargazers, and fascinating history.

It's my personal list, not a comprehensive review of SETI literature. It's an indispensable resource for all those interested in the exciting new efforts to detect other intelligence in the cosmos. Published in the 's, this book first brought SETI to wide public notice. Within the pages of this volume, you'll find the compelling arguments for building new radio telescopes as large arrays of relatively small antennas - a scheme that is now being implemented in the Allen Telescope Array.