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I didn't understand anything But my daughter rejected me, she said she was OK.

He regards Reston's experience as typical, citing in particular the way in which 'new faces' are parachuted into the most demanding and adult of worlds when they are unable to cope. In Mexico things went from bad to worse. Patches of her once long brown hair had fallen out, too.

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When she came home again, in lateshe was barely recognisable - gaunt and colourless. It is late afternoon and in the cobbled centre of Pirapora do Bom Jesus, Miriam Reston Marcan pulls up the shutters of her new jewellery shop - recently named 'Ana Carolina Metals' - and goes inside.

Tommaso has spent 11 years working with models and given consultations to nearly 2, of them, including some of the country's most famous faces. He also treated Reston.

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And despite her experiences in China, she continued to dream of travelling the world modelling, in order to earn more money to help her mother build a new house. There was an outpouring of emotion from other anorexic girls who saw in Reston a piece of themselves; and, simultaneously, a bitter rebuke from pro-anorexia communities, whose members see anorexia as a lifestyle choice.

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One of them, Cynthia, left a note for her: Reston, she says, only ever drank fruit juice, and after her death was found to have survived on a diet of apples and tomatoes. I think I was the first person to explain it to her - I knew she was anorexic, because someone in my family had suffered in the same way.

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On a note dated 19 Januaryhe set out a daily routine for Reston to follow as part of her recuperation. Despite the family's intervention, Reston continued eating less and less, and work opportunities began to ebb away.

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There are other pressures, too. Below, her parents, wedged at the front of a cheering audience, clap enthusiastically as a judge slips a green and white sash over their daughter's head and pronounces her the Queen of Jundiai, But she wouldn't be put off; she altered her height on her publicity shots and claimed she was just over 5ft 7in.

She was sent to Guangzhou, a Chinese city not far from Hong Kong, for three months. Miriam Reston didn't know it, but for the last couple of months her daughter had been taking a cocktail of potent prescription drugs, for pain relief and slimming.

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Although anorexia isn't the preserve of the fashion industry, it's hardly surprising that Reston's death has shone a spotlight on the way the business treats its models, and more significantly, on how destructive our current perception of female beauty can be. He remembers one young model even using pills for fighting intestinal worms in order to lose weight.