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The prewar stocks were produced from walnut wood and were aged for an average of three years to allow the wood to stabilize.

Each stripper clip can hold 5 rounds to fill the magazine and is inserted into clip guides machined into the rear receiver bridge. It was otherwise merely a modified form of the Gewehr 98, from which the Karabiner 98k was derived. Various attachable rifle grenade launcher models were designed during World War I. For easier loading a crescent shaped thumb hole cutout is present at the left rear of the receiver top.

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The "A" stood for "with bayonet", the "Z" stood for stacking pyramid, meaning carbine Model with bayonet attachment point and stacking rod device. Mauser M98, bolt and firing pin and safety mechanism field stripped.

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The tracks of the rear sight obstructed the view to the sides during aiming. This ergonomic problem was solved by mounting the telescopic sight relatively high above the receiver.

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During experiments with S Patrone rechambered Karabiner 98A carbines excessive recoil and muzzle flash problems arose, which lead to the suspension of production in The first combat use of the Gewehr 98 was during the Boxer Rebellion — The magazine can be unloaded by operating the bolt the safety should, for safety reasons, be set to the middle position for this or, in case of mechanical problems, by opening the magazine floorplate, which is flush with the stock, with the help of a cartridge tip.

The replacement for the Mauser was an internal design from the Army, but failed through an impractical design.

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A top handguard was standard on all rifles and extended from the front of the rear sight base terminating just ahead of the bottom barrel band. A steel cross bolt was mounted to distribute the forces and hence the effects of recoil on the stock bedding, reducing the chance to split the stock.

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Ammunition feeding[ edit ] The internal magazine of the M98 system consists of an integral box machined to match the cartridge for which the rifle was being chambered, with a detachable floorplate, that can hold up to 5 rifle cartridges.

From until the German military used Ballistol intended for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting metallic, wooden and leather firearms parts. The M98 bolt group can be easily removed from the receiver simply by rotating the safety lever to the 12 o'clock position and pulling out the bolt stop lever, located at the rear left wall of the receiver, and then operate the action and continue rearward bolt travel past the bolt stop.

Alternatively cartridges can be loaded singly directly into the chamber, as is standard on dating a k98 rifles of the period, since the extractor is spring-loaded and designed so the extractor claw "pops" over the rim of the cartridge on closing.

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The bolt houses the firing pin mechanism that cocks when the bolt is opened, and the cocking piece protrudes visually and tactilely from the rear of the bolt to indicate the action is cocked. It was liked because it was lighter and shorter than the Gewehr 98, and was thus better suited for use in trench assaults.

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The "AZ" stands for "Aufpflanz-und-Zusammensetzvorrichtung".