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The complete rift system therefore extends 's of kilometers in Africa alone and several more if we include the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden as extensions. Quite a lot actually; even though the Eastern and Western branches were developed by the same processes they have very different characters.

These form irregularities in the lakeside topography. It is thought that these rifts are generally following old sutures between ancient continental masses that collided billions of years ago to form the African craton and that the split around the Lake Victoria region occurred due to the presence of a small core of ancient metamorphic rockthe Tanzania craton, that was too hard for the rift to tear through.

So, for years Agnes walked through the Rift valley. Hydrothermal venting at slow-spreading ridges is commonly focused along the walls of the rift valley.

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Lake Kamnarok is another small lake. This image shows several fault scarps that are progressively farther away. Whatever the cause, it is clear that we have two rifts that are separated enough to justify giving them different names, but near enough to suggest that they are genetically related. These two branches together have been termed the East African Rift EARwhile parts of the Eastern branch have been variously termed the Kenya Rift or the Gregory Rift after the geologist who first mapped it in the early 's.

This system has one of the most diverse populations of birds in the world, and is the home of thirteen globally threatened species of bird. Geologists are still debating exactly how rifting comes about, but the process is so well displayed in East Africa Ethiopia - Kenya - Uganda - Tanzania that geologists have attached a name to the new plate-to-be; the Nubian Plate makes up most of Africawhile the smaller plate that is pulling away has been named the Somalian Plate Figure 1.

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The Kenya Lake system is surrounded by the steep escarpment of the Rift Valley, which provides a spectacular backdrop. As mentioned in Part I, the rifting of East Africa is complicated by the fact that two branches have developed, one to the west which hosts the African Great Lakes where the rift filled with water and another nearly parallel rift about kilometers to the east which nearly bisects Kenya north-to-south before entering Tanzania where it seems to die out Figure 2.

Notice how the width taken up by the trapezoidal areas undergoing normal faulting and horst and graben formation increases from top to bottom in the left panel. Rift segment names for the East African Rift System.

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Some have faced attacks in various areas despite the existence of newly built police camps. In simple terms, a rift can be thought of as a fracture in the earth's surface that widens over time, or more technically, as an elongate basin bounded by opposed steeply dipping normal faults. On July 17, persons who had attempted to return to Ngirimoli, Kunyak and Kipkelion districts in the Rift Valley were displaced once more to Nakuru district.

Most current geological thinking holds that bulges are initiated by mantle plumes under the continent heating the overlying crust and causing it to expand and fracture. The structure and evolution of the rift may have made East Africa more sensitive to climate changes which lead to many alternations between wet and arid periods.

How did these Rifts form? Image copyright Alex Guth. All you need to do is open an account today. Areas unshaded or covered by flood basalts represent normal continental crust. Just like the Grand Canyon, the East African Rift System should be high on any geologist's list of geologic marvels to visit.

The East African Rift Valley holds three of the world's largest: The original extent of the flood basalts would have been greater, but large areas have been buried within the rift valley by other volcanic eruptions and sediments. For eight years, she walked through the Rift Valley. Colored Digital Elevation Model showing tectonic plate boundaries, outlines of the elevation highs demonstrating the thermal bulges and large lakes of East Africa.

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The East African Rift System however, is an excellent field laboratory to study a modern, actively developing rift system. Lake Victoria sits between these two branches. Her website can be viewed at: In this case it is referred to as "continental rifting" for obvious reasons and provides a glimpse into what may have been the early development of the Ethiopian Rift.

As the crust is pulled apart you end up with thinned crust with a complex mixture of continental and volcanic rock. Do you want to get back in the dating scene but aren't sure how?

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The system is home to globally important populations of black-necked grebeAfrican spoonbillpied avocetlittle grebeyellow-billed storkblack-winged stiltgrey-headed gull and gull-billed tern.

I met Agnes three years ago in the Rift Valley.

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The gorge was carved by water, and is quite spectacular in many regards, but here we have an igneous dike cutting through the wall of the canyon, with Dr.